Inz Wear a couture swim & beach wear fashion line internationally trademarked since May 2005, presented by a 
New York born designer. 

With an ongoing dedication and commitment, the goal is to achieve the ultimate in style, quality and comfort. Creating classy chic styles, alternative and innovative designs; 
in small quantities or mostly one of a kind. 

Made with the absolute best materials, body contouring fabrics and handcrafted workmanship imaginable. From solids, bright colors, tropical patterns and graphic prints; blending beaded, crystal elements, simple hardware and lavish embellishment accessories.

 Look, feel, be sexy, confident, glamorous, flirty and fun 
all at the same time!!!!! 

Bringing Swim & Beach wear fashions to a whole new level.  

Style & Fashion have always been an inspiration and a form of expression for me. Being born in New York 
I was introduced to the fashion district at a very early age. Spending many days visiting mid-town Manhattan 
the center of the nation's garment industry,  I had the opportunity hands-on to identify with my creative side, 
where I learned the full sense of style and fashion. 

Having the chance at modeling while still attending high school and the opportunity to work for several clothing boutiques 
and accessories, button and label textile companies, I began my journey learning the fashion industry in every aspect. 

My vision to design swim and beach wear fashions has been inspired by channeling and playing into my sense of style and fashion, 
along with my love and reflection of the beach life style, striving for individualistic expression. 

A unique-glam city girl style and a work of art are captured in each piece I design. Allowing me to create elegant, chic,
 and contemporary with an edge collections; taking swimwear fashions to a whole new level: in a class all its own. 

A dream, a vision, the inspiration and passion for fashion, is how Inz Wear has grown from a dream to a reality!!! 



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GinaMarie Leggio

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Boutique Clozet an exclusive MENS & WOMENS fashion gallery. 
Bringing the newest, boldest and most exclusive couture  
fashions and accessories.

Showcasing labels like Inz Wear, Reborn Couture, Crystal Elements & Co., 
Speak Out Loud Tee's, including a limited number of statement pieces 
from local designers. 

All collections are available for purchase by contacting or clicking "Contact Us" and using the 
"Ship To" method.

You can also check out our "Events Calendar" and join us, where we are live on location, where we get the opportunity to be part of the art and fashion communities,  supporting charities, promoting and networking. 

Where the ultimate in couture fashions come to life!!!!!

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